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Latin America ASC & OBS Healthcare Consulting

south americaAre you looking to build or purchase a surgery center in Latin America? Axiom can help with ASC and OBS Consulting to ensure your new facility is properly accredited. For more than 20 years Axiom has provided health care accreditation, credentialing, and consulting for more than 300 facilities in the U.S. alone. Whether you’re an American or South American based company Axiom can help.

How can Axiom help? Axiom can assist your organization with providing you with the elements you will need to obtain a successful international accreditation (Joint Commission, AAAHC, AAAASF). This includes organizational structure, Policies & Procedures, forms, documents, employee files, infection control, quality, credentialing & training of staff. In addition, Axiom can assist you with your build out to ensure that your surgical suites accommodate the best patient and infection control flows.


Axiom can assist with –

  1. Floor plan review – work with architects
  2. Accreditation assistance
  3. Infection Control, sterilization, environment of care, etc.
  4. Documentation
  5. Training of Staff – Inservices
  6. Financial management/Benchmarking
  7. Equipment
  8. Same as what we do for US based clients
  9. Medical Tourism – from an American point of view – Patient Safety and Quality

How long does the process take?

Process takes typically 8 to 18 months depending of scope of work and what the organization will be looking for.

What’s involved with the process?

One of the big components will be educating Leadership and staff of the international accreditation standard process, patient safety, and infection control.

Training them on the correct/proper ways/processes of operating an ASC/OBS facility and to meet the accreditation standards.

Training of staff, supplying documentation, forms, logs, etc. Assisting with proper floor plan.